The 3 Pillars of Realtor Marketing

When working inside of the realm of real estate it can be a tricky business until you have a solid client list. It’s getting to that point of comfort that stands as a challenge. There is a continual debate regarding the best practices to be successful in real estate, but there is one fact that stands as a universal need to be successful: leads.

Leads are what grant the opportunity to create deals and build a real estate empire. If you are trying to enhance your real estate success consider the following REALTOR Marketing tips as stepping-stones to better business:

Pillar One- Generate Leads
There are so many ways to generate leads and what it really comes down to is time. There may be some areas where there is a requirement of a small investment, but it’s all a matter of how you want to go about it.

Use Direct Mail
If you’re someone that likes to work using direct mail then consider contacting agencies that specialize in generating leads. This will give you a list to work from and ship out your details and sales pitch to.

Granted on account of the accessibility of this option, it’s probably something many people take advantage of, but it never hurts to try.

Put Up Signs
Another option you can take is putting up “bandit signs” with ways to contact your and your interest in buying homes for cash.

Electronic Ads
As technology continues to develop it becomes relied up for anything and everything, leads included. A small investment can take your business/contact information and place it with Google/Facebook advertisements.

Additionally, there are always sites like Craigslist and other digital marketing boards where you can post your information that is cost-free and as a worst-case scenario you waste a few minutes.


Pillar Two- Managing Your Leads
Once you set up a few different options and begin getting some calls it comes down to being personable.

Without question, you have to know the business you are working inside of. Be prepared for the calls that come in, have answers for any questions that may arise. You normally get one chance at selling yourself, first impressions in this area of business are very important.

There are a number of different pieces of software like real estate CRM available to keep track of leads and for the sake of reference for the future, it’s suggested that you take a look into these to stay informed of everyone you are talking with and tracking it properly. Once you converse with the leads there is still one vital thing left to do: follow up with them. Check in with them in about a week’s time and just ask what their thoughts are about everything.


Pillar Three- Converting Leads to Sales
The last factor of handling leads properly is properly evaluating the leads as they come in and identifying them under a variety of factors. This could range from the types of offers a lead is looking for, property condition, and the variety of sub-categories that make up the two.

Many times considering these things will help identify which you can work with and are interesting in pursuing, and will leave open the option to pass on other leads to fellow realtors for a commission of sorts should they complete a deal.

Success In realtor marketing comes down to identifying opportunity from a variety of angles and knowing how to properly use them. The more you get involved with these steps, the more you will network and build your success, the only thing that will hold you back is personal commitment and motivation.

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