Realtor Marketing Ideas

Businesswoman presenting a model house.
Businesswoman presenting a model house.

Realtor marketing has already built up its unique identity as a venture characterized by prominence in the financial sector. The real estate sector has surpassed its 18% growth benchmark set during the global financial crisis in 2009 to 24% annual growth. These statistics are clear indications of the fresh life present in real estate. That said, we have a list of crucial marketing ideas for upcoming realtors who are yet to find a soft spot in this booming industry.

home-grey Work on your website

A good website is the cornerstone of successful digital marketing attempts for any business. About 75% of people who are looking for houses use the internet as their main source of information. This means that any real estate brand has the potential to attract more attention if it uses the internet as the main platform for creating a strong brand presence. You must keep in mind that half of users access the internet through their mobile devices. Hence, create a responsive website to capture everyone. Also, come up with a blog and ensure it is active. A blog can be an important tool for enhancing social visibility and initiating discussions that lead to quality sales. Videos should always be present on the website to display what you offer in details.

home-grey Present your agenda well

You have to present yourself to the prospective clients and show them what you want to offer. Come up with a strong presentation that tells the brand story and conveys detailed information about your services. You can hire someone to help you create a good presentation that can grab attention.

home-grey Invest In Drone Photography

One advantage of real estate marketing is that there are a lot to show. However, most REALTOR Marketing find themselves with limited options when it comes to showing features that are inaccessible. This is where drone photography comes in. With this form of photography and also videography, you can show beautiful images of inaccessible areas of your real estate assets.

home-grey Update your Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Over the past few years, social media companies such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have introduced several features to help marketers reach their target audience easily an in a cost-effective manner. For instance, Twitter has tools that allow you to display contents of your page, and attach images and links in a tweet.

home-grey Be proactive in networking

You have to network to increase your prospects and get quality sales. Attend professional real estate events. If possible, come up with your own group of professionals and build an agenda that can bring people together to share their interests in real estate industry. Always carry your business card with you at such events and don’t be shy to ask for people’s contacts too.

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