How to Use Facebook Live for Effective Realtor Marketing


There’s a lot of competition in the real estate market. Sometimes, it may feel like you’ll have to jump through hoops just to get noticed by clients. On top of that, the stakes get even higher until it’s time to close on a home. Realtor marketing is truly not for the faint of heart. However, there is a new tactic some realtors are using and it’s helping them garner attention and sales. This tool is Facebook Live.

keyboard-gray Pick times when people are on Facebook.
Do some outside research. Take a look at some social media analytics and observe the times when people are on Facebook the most. Consider going live during those times because you’ll be able to get more attention.

keyboard-gray Create a graphic announcement.
Create an announcement that’s eye-catching and informative. Let people know what time you’ll be doing a viewing and what city it will be in. It’s a good idea to post the announcement 24 hours before you go live. This will give people enough time to plan to log in during that time.

keyboard-gray Ask someone to record for you.
When it’s time to go live, you’ll be so excited and ready to get into the nitty gritty, but your camera skills may not be the greatest. Instead of juggling the camera phone and making sure the lighting is right, do a walk-through with someone on your team. Ask them to come with you and hold the camera while you talk. Before you go live, do a quick rehearsal recording in the space. Find out where all the lights are in all the rooms. You don’t want to spend too much time fidgeting and looking for different parts of the house before you show the viewers.

keyboard-gray Engage with your audience.
Do your best to make sure you increase the volume of your voice and speak clearly. There are so many things that are grabbing people’s attention online so this is your shot to be as engaging as possible. Remember to smile and welcome everyone on the broadcast. Thank them for coming.

keyboard-gray Leave contact information.
After showing off an amazing house, there will be people who are interested and will have more questions. Make sure that your viewers are clear on where they can reach you.
Leave an email address and/or the telephone number of your office. It would be such a waste to do all of that work and for potential customers fail to find you.

Facebook Live is a really cool tool and because it’s part of the social media giant, it’s also free. Save money on your realtor marketing budget and spend more time getting leads from this social media app. This will be a dynamic way to effectively market yourself as a realtor. There are additional resources available at Morris Real Estate Marketing Group if you are interested in learning more.

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