7 Ways To Prepare For A Roof Replacement

It’s time to replace your roof. Before the roofing contractors arrive, you need to get your house ready for the work to start. Preparing your home before they arrive will let them get the job done faster and avoid delay. Here are 7 ways you should prepare for your roof replacement.

1. Get Things Out of the Way

Walk around your home. The roofers will need about 20 feet of clearance on all sides. Get things out of their way. Park your cars down the street. Put the grill in the garage. Relocate your lawn furniture. Put the lawn ornaments in a remote corner of the yard. Make sure potted plants aren’t in the drop zone. Additional information and resources are available at Cherry and Clark Roofing.

2. Prepare the Inside of the House

Replacing a roof can cause a lot of noise and vibration. In the attic, remove or cover anything you don’t want covered with dust. The roofers will be ripping off the old shingles, putting down new tar paper, and adding new shingles. This will create dust that rains down from above.

3. Make Arrangements for Your Kids and Pets

The work is going to be loud and ongoing. There will be strangers all around the house throughout the day. This can be stressful for your kids and pets. Send the kids to their grandparents or to their best friend’s house. See if a friend could take your pets, or send them to daycare or boarding. Going on vacation while the roof is replaced might not be a bad idea.

4. Prune Trees and Mow the Lawn

The roofers need clear access to the roof and on the roof. Prune back any tree limbs that are close. Make sure the bushes near the house are also trimmed back to prevent interference. Mowing the yard beforehand keeps debris like nails or shingle pieces from hiding in tall grass.

5. Identify Electrical Outlets

The roofers will need access to electricity for some of their equipment. If you have outdoor electrical outlets, make sure they are easy to access. If they will need to run extension cords inside, identify the best places to do so.

6. Inform the Neighbors

Tell your neighbors at least a few days in advance. That way, they can make arrangements to be out of the house if necessary.

7. Mark Hidden Lawn Equipment

If you have a sprinkler system or other equipment in your lawn, mark it clearly. The roofers won’t know where it is. This could lead to damage to the equipment or injury to the workers.

These tips will help get your home ready before the roofing company arrives. A bit of time spent up front will make the job go smoother, and keep the roofers on task.

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