7 Health Reasons to Consider DNA Testing

The benefits of getting DNA testing to determine your specific genetic predisposition to serious health conditions go beyond those listed below. You can get a better picture of the areas to focus on with routine health screening and monitoring by having access to this personalized information.

1. Genetic Pointers to Cancer

Cancer in all forms is a disease no one wants to acquire, no matter whether it’s passed along genetically or develops from environmental causes. You can control where you live and what you eat, but there is no control over your genetic background. Testing your DNA can offer clues and early warnings that cancer is a risk at some point in your life. If you are interested, you may do additional research at the CRI Genetics website for more information.

2. Mitochondrial Abnormalities

Many genetic disorders that prove completely disabling from birth can be detected in your DNA structure and code. It’s a good idea to have the DNA tests done for both the woman and man to make better decisions on whether you should attempt to have children before getting heartbreaking results.

3. Liver and Kidney Gene Problems

Specific genes can give clues as to whether you have the possibility of developing problems with kidney or liver function. It’s not a guarantee of trouble, but you can adjust your diet to accommodate the higher risk factor and maintain good health.

4. Predisposition for Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia

Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia are two conditions that can strike a family unaware and leave an individual unable to care for themselves. The knowledge that you have genes capable of making this condition a reality can help you detect the problem earlier, which allows for faster treatment.

5. Genetic Risks of Heart Disease and High Cholesterol

Some people are more predisposed to having higher cholesterol counts, which can lead to heart disease in the long-term health picture. You can have quality DNA testing done that can alert you as to whether your genes show this particular characteristic.

6. Genetic Ties for Parkinson’s Disease

Finding out you have a genetic tie to Parkinson’s Disease is important to know before you ever experience a symptom. It can help narrow down a diagnosis and help you access the right treatment quickly.

7. Risk Factors for Autoimmune Diseases

Testing your DNA can give you answers on any possible genetic links you have to autoimmune disorders, anemia, or any other blood disorders. Symptoms can mimic those of other illnesses, but you’ll have the knowledge ahead of time to help you seek the right treatment.

DNA testing is a fast and affordable way to get an extensive look at any genetic ties you might have to serious illness and health conditions.

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